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Aurum Doria is manufacturer of authentic handicrafts fashion

Aurum Doria, we take pride in being the forefront manufacturers of exquisite, authentic handicrafts fashion. Specializing in the realm of pure Kota Doria sarees and Kota silk cotton sarees, we are dedicated to preserving and nurturing the unique artistry that thrives exclusively in the Kota Doria cluster a region where this exceptional craft flourishes like nowhere else in the world.

Our commitment lies in upholding the heritage of handloom artistry. Aurum Doria stands as a beacon, diligently working within the Kota Doria cluster, nurturing and amplifying this distinctive craft. We not only manufacture these treasured handloom products but also actively contribute to their growth, ensuring the timeless legacy of this artform endures through generations.



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Why You Should Buy Kota Doria Sarees

Unique Designs

These sarees have unique designs and check patterns, known as khat. The weave is so delicate that it is achieved by interlacing silk and cotton threads in a transparent pattern with hard work and patience of multiple artisans. The purpose is to create an elegant and subtle look.

Different Varieties

You have a few more different varieties to add Kota Doria saree in your wardrobe. These are lightweight and breathable fabrics which give you an elegant and comfortable look especially in warm climate. As a result, it is popular choice for formal and causal occasions. Today, these sarees are available in unique borders.

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