Brown Jaal

A royal-looking heavy Kota Doria saree crafted with an overall jaal design, featuring beautiful flowers and parrots made with real zari, is truly

Pista Green

A pista green saree with a dark Paithani border and a matching blouse sounds like a stunning choice for a party wear outfit.

Lemon Green

A lemon green handcrafted saree with a brown border work indeed represents unique craftsmanship. The combination of lemon green

Grey Saree

A beautiful grey saree with a blue color blouse indeed creates a mesmerizing combination. The subtle elegance of grey

Red Paithani

Indeed, a red tissue saree with beautiful ginnies and a Paithani border adorned with flowers and birds is a testament to luxurious

White Tissue

A white saree with real zari work indeed creates a unique and heavy look, especially when combined with tissue work. The use of real zari,

Grey Zari Kota Saree

The grey zari kota saree is a sophisticated and elegant garment that showcases the beauty of grey with intricate zari work on Kota fabric.

Light Yellow Zari Kota Saree

The light yellow zari kota saree is a delightful garment that embodies grace and sophistication with its soft hue and intricate zari work.

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Aurum Doria brings to you Doria silk sareeā€™s unique collection which totally preserves the rich cultural heritage of Kota Doria. We are a globally recognized brand offering timeless elegance with every saree. Our diverse collection includes

Our diverse collection includes

Saree Collection

Brown Jaal Kota Doria Silk Saree

If you get this one, it will surely elevate your ethnic wardrobe. It is adorned with beautiful patterns, colours, and sophistication, the right pick for every special occasion.

Pista Green Kota Doria Silk Saree

The colour reflects freshness and grace. The Pista green hue gives you a perfect look and also adds to a touch of tranquility to your saree. This is something you just cannot miss.

Lemon Green Kota Doria Silk Saree

This is a popular saree especially during spring season as it features a lemon green colour. This saree will go perfect with any cheerful or vibrant look.

Gray Kota Doria Silk Saree

Now, this one can give a perfect fashion statement. It is versatile, elegant and a timeless gray perfect for almost every celebration, meeting or occasion. This piece purely embodies sophistication to a new level.

Red Paithani Kota Doria Silk Saree

It is the time to embrace tradition but with a modern twist. This Paithani saree is inspired by the classic style. It gives a rich look with red hues and is a perfect fusion of contemporary elegance and heritage.

White Tissue Kota Doria Silk Saree

For ethereal beauty, Aurum Doria has this white tissue kota doria silk saree. Its fabric is delicate and perfectly exudes grace and purity. For literally every special occasion, this saree is an ideal fit.

Kota Doria Fabric Is a Boon for Reasons You Must Know

It provides breathable comfort. The fabric is light and airy. It requires minimal maintenance. Hence, it is a preferred choice especially among traditional wearers ad also the millennials. Moreover, Kota Doria fabric is crafted from a perfect blend of silk and cotton. Thus, it features both softness and strength. The fabric is durable, firm and also adds a touch of transparency. This fabric may come with intricate borders and floral motifs such as Jaal, Booti, etc. Wearing this fabric gives you a more elegant and charming look. The craft is practiced not only in the village of Kaithoon but also Baran, Bundi, etc. Almost every home in Khaithoon has a woman who handles the weaving process of Kota Doria fabric.

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Aurum Doria brings to you authentic kota doria saree manufactured using traditional weaving technique, original kota doria fabric and ethical sourcing practices. Visit our website to explore our collection which has everything you desire.



These sarees are primarily known for their unique weave, lightweight and sophisticated appearance and delicate thread work borders. To know more, explore our collection by Aurum Doria.

The main difference lies in distinctive weaving technique. Kota silk sarees carry a unique weaving technique and airy fabric contrary to silk sarees which have denser and heavier texture. Kota silk saree is known for its breathability and comfort.

This versatile and beautiful saree is the best pick for different occasions such as weddings, festive celebrations, religious ceremonies, formal events, etc. It gives you an elegant look and also shows your love for the culture.