Baby Pink

The addition of beautiful ginnie designs all over the superlight and cold baby pink colored saree sounds absolutely exquisite!


A ferozi colored Kota saree adorned with colorful flowers, branches, and booties sounds absolutely breathtaking! The combination

Light Green

The pista color Kota saree with an orange-colored border and blouse, adorned with an overall gold zari jaal design, sounds absolutely

Light Green

The pista color Kota saree with an orange-colored border and blouse, adorned with an overall gold zari jaal design, sounds absolutely

Rose Gold Double Colour Kota doria

Exclusive masterpiese Rose Gold Double Colour Kota doria party wear saree with Brownish Red colour contrast blouse

Fountain Blue Colour Kota Doria

Very elegant fountain blue colour Kota doria saree with bean colour contrast blouse and beautiful Parrots

Timeless Elegance with Aurum Doria's Handi Craft Saree Collection in Kota Doria

Aurum Doria brings to you a unique collection of Handi Craft saree in Kota Doria prepared by hand by skilled artisans. We have worked hard to bring this collection to life and keep the traditional craft alive. The old ways of making clothes alive were amusing and so is our approach at Aurum Doria. Our team works on their special craft and brings to you kota doria sarees online. During the manufacturing process, we give a lot of care and attention to every detail to make sure every piece we produce preserves the traditional methods.

At the same time, we also welcome valuable suggestions of our customers. To make sarees special for every occasion, we play with different designs and colours while blending tradition with the modern style. Aurum Doria is a preferred partner for customers due to authenticity of our clothes, customization, beautiful designs and comprehensive customer support.

Explore Our Collection That Tells A Story Of Craftsmanship

Story Of Craftsmanship

Red Kota Doria Saree with Real Silver Zari Ginnies

This unique piece is the perfect timeless elegance to your wardrobe. It is crafted with authentic silver zari work. This saree exudes sophistication and has red hue to add to the rich appeal.

Double Tissue Kota Doria Color Floral and Peacock Saree

Now, this one is perfect to make bold statement. Featuring majestic peacock designs and floral motifs, this is a pure work of art that can make you look different and stylish at any event, during every occasion.

Kota Doria Real Silver Zari Saree

Elevate your ethnic look with our Kota Doria Real Silver Zari Saree. Crafted with genuine silver zari work, this saree radiates elegance and grace, perfect for special occasions and celebrations.

Black Cotton and Silk Silver Zari Saree

You can make a glamorous statement with our Black Cotton and Silk Silver Zari Saree which has been crafted using a perfect blend of cotton and silk, and adorned with intricate silver zari work. If sophistication and style both define you, you must get this one.

Copper Tissue Ginni

We have used luxurious copper tissue fabric to create this ethnic ensemble that will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Just wear it and look flawless at every moment.

Yellow Birds Saree

This beautiful piece is adorned with charming bird motifs in a yellow hue. Those who want to add a colourful and playful touch to their wardrobe must get one. Once you have it, you will cherish it for lifetime.

Visit Aurum Doria Online to Pick Original Handi Craft Saree in Kota Doria

Aurum Doria is a reputable online saree store specializing in ethnic wear, handcrafted sarees directly from skilled artisans. We also offer customization options for embroidery and other sarees in Kota Doria fabric. From designs, colours, to motifs or specific embroidery, we can create a beautiful saree according to your preferences. Share your vision with the team Aurum Doria and let us give it life.



This saree is crafted from kota doria fabric which is known for its airy and lightweight texture. They are adorned with intricate Handi Craft work that enhances their elegance and beauty. Buy the authentic kota doria Handi Craft saree at Aurum Doria online.

These sarees, available in large variety, are versatile. For occasions such as weddings, parties, festivals and other special events or celebration, these sarees will add a touch of sophistication, playfulness elegance. Buy original kota doria sarees online.

Typically, skilled artisans who are well-versed with the traditional method of weaving sarees use needles and threads of different colours to carefully stitch designs onto the kota doria fabric to enhance its aesthetic appeal and preserve its lightweight as well as breathable nature.