Real Zari Pink Floral Design Saree

A stunning baby pink Kota saree is indeed a combination of luxury and comfortable clothing. The delicate and soft shade of pink adds a touch

Ice Blue Silver Zari Pattern Saree

An ice blue Kota saree is indeed a perfect choice for the summer season, as it exudes a refreshing and cool vibe. The light and soothing shade.

Color Floral Light Green Kota Saree

A very light green Kota saree paired with a contrasting pink blouse is indeed a luxurious choice for partywear. The light green color .

Gold Pink Jaal pattern of zari flower saree

A beautiful pink colored Kota saree with a yellow contrast blouse is indeed a symbol of craftsmanship and a stunning choice for any.

Lemon Yellow Kota Doria Cotton Saree

A beautiful lemon-colored handicraft saree with a contrast blouse and leaf booties crafted with real white zari is indeed a standout piece in.

Sky Blue Kota Doria Cotton Saree

A beautiful ice blue-colored handicraft saree with a green contrast blouse is indeed a stunning choice for partywear, especially in the summer.

Peach Zari Kota Saree

The peach zari kota saree is a traditional Indian garment known for its elegance and intricate design.

Yellow Butterfly Zari Kota Saree

The yellow butterfly zari kota saree is a stunning garment that combines the elegance of traditional Indian sarees with a touch of whimsy.

Authentic kota doria pure cotton saree

Aurum Doria is a well-known manufacturer of kota doria silk saree. We specialize in authentic handcraft fashion based in the heart of the kota doria cluster. We, at Aurum Doria, consider ourselves custodians of handloom artistry. We are committed to preserving the rich handloom craftsmanship, its growth and sustainability. This traditional art of kota doria pure silk saree is a timeless legacy for all generations. If you are genuinely looking for authentic kota doria piece, we are your trusted partner. Every piece we craft here under the Aurum Doria banner reflects our love for traditional techniques. We also customize creations as per customer’s preference by collaborating with our skilled artisans. At the same time, we understand individuality is important. So, we bring to you a wide array of designs, colour palettes, crafted by our artisans.

Why Aurum Doria as Your Kota silk Saree Manufacturers?

Why Aurum Doria

  • Committed to preserving handloom tradition
  • Creative and personalized process for every customer
  • Exquisite designs, a fusion of tradition and contemporary
  • Unique pieces that tell a story of elegance and artistry
Our silk Saree Collection Is As Unique As You

Saree Collection

Zari Ginnies

This is a perfect saree for you to elevate your ethnic wardrobe. This stunning piece features intricate and beautiful zari work which will only add to sophistication and elegance to your look.

Real Zari Pink Floral Design Saree

Perfectly curated floral designs add to the grace you carry with every piece you wear. If you love wearing saree that makes you look more sophisticated, don’t miss this piece.

Color Floral Light Green Kota Saree

Be it spring or any other season, our Color Floral Light Green Kota Saree with colourful floral motifs against a light green background is perfect. It will add to the freshness of your wardrobe.

Gold Pink Jaal Pattern of Zari Flower Saree

A stunning jaal pattern adorned with gold zari, that too on a pink base, this is a perfect pick for you if you genuinely desire glamour in every occasion. Elevate your ensemble with this unique creation by Aurum Doria.

Lemon Yellow Kota Doria Cotton Saree

A lightweight, breathable kota doria cotton fabric perfectly aligns with lemon yellow colour for causal and festive wear. Once you wear this piece, it will be your forever companion.

Sky Blue Kota Doria Cotton Saree

It is hard to be simple and yet elegant. Aurum Doria makes it a reality for you. We have made this beautiful saree using airy kota doria cotton fabric in a serene sky-blue hue. This will give you a relaxed and elegant look.

Ice Blue Silver Zari Pattern Saree

Making a real fashion statement that impresses everyone out there is possible with our Ice Blue Silver Zari Pattern Saree, which is adorned with delicate silver zari patterns on a calm ice blue backdrop. This beautiful creation is perfect for every special occasion.



We achieve an edge in terms of genuine craftsmanship, unique designs, attention to detail, traditional weaving technique, ethical practices and customization. Get in touch with the team Aurum Doria to know more.

Yes. Aurum Doria offers customization options as we can collaborate with our skilled artisans to personalize sarees according to your preferences, especially in terms of adornment, colour, design, etc.

We recommend dry cleaning or gentle hand washing with mild detergent. Make sure not to wriggle or twist the saree. Also, dry the same in the shade to preserve its original colour and texture.