Light Green

The pista color Kota saree with an orange-colored border and blouse, adorned with an overall gold zari jaal design, sounds absolutely mesmerizing! The combination of these colors creates a striking contrast and adds vibrancy to the ensemble.

The pista color, reminiscent of a pistachio green shade, brings a refreshing and soothing feel to the saree. The orange-colored border adds a pop of brightness, creating an eye-catching effect.

The gold zari jaal design, spread throughout the saree, adds a touch of elegance and intricacy. The fine details and shimmer of the gold zari work enhance the overall appeal and create a sense of luxury.

This saree would be a showstopper at any event or occasion. The captivating combination of colors, along with the gold zari jaal design, ensures that all eyes will be on you. The pista color brings a unique and refreshing twist, while the orange border adds a bold and vibrant touch.

Pairing it with an orange-colored blouse would create a cohesive and stylish look. The blouse can be designed to complement the saree, incorporating elements of the gold zari jaal design for a coordinated appearance.

In conclusion, the pista color Kota saree with an orange-colored border and blouse, featuring an overall gold zari jaal design, is a truly eye-catching piece. Its unique color combination, along with the intricate zari work, makes it a perfect choice for those seeking a statement-making ensemble.